Extra Features
Rainbow Banner

Rainbow Banner

A screenshot of rainbow banner

Rainbow banner is enabled by default, and will only appear every June. You can customize it on your own to show your pride.

This is the default config:

# rainbow!
rainbow_banner: true
  - '#e50000'
  - '#ff8d00'
  - '#ffee00'
  - '#008121'
  - '#004cff'
  - '#760188'
# choose from [auto, always]
rainbow_banner_shown: auto
# Pride Month by default
rainbow_banner_month: 6


A boolean, the main switch of this feature. When false, all the configurations below will make no effects.


An Array of the colors of rainbow, from left to right, and has no amount limitation.


Choose from auto and always. If always, the rainbow banner will be shown at anytime. If auto, the banner will only be shown in rainbow_banner_month.


A Number between [1, 12], the month when the rainbow banner will be shown, only works with rainbow_banner_shown: auto.